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Night of the Running Dead: Zombie Run Tips

Whether you want to eat or be eaten, there’s room for you in a zombie run. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can put one together yourself! Here are…

Whether you want to eat or be eaten, there’s room for you in a zombie run. And if you’re feeling really

ambitious, you can put one together yourself! Here are some tips go get you started:


Participants: Focus on Mobility, Visibility, Breathability

As a participant, especially if you’re dressing up as a zombie, make sure you can move, see, and breathe

in your costume. As much fun as Zombie bigfoot sounds, a full body suit with mask is going to make it

near impossible to run after all those tasty humans. Most night run organisers will require appropriate

shoes, hi-vis, and/or a bright headlamp. Integrating the required safety gear into your costume will help

you get into character. Incorporate them by going as a builder, a security guard, a fire fighter, or a

spelunker or climber. If there’s a historical theme, try a miner! Many LED Headlamps are designed to

work with helmets, like this one, which is also weatherproof.



Makeup is generally a much safer idea than using a mask–here’s a lot more makeup and safety tips from

some people with lots of experience! Zombie Runs are especially popular around Halloween, and many

of them sell out well in advance. For tips on how to find a zombie run near you, check out my previous



Organisation Tips


If there aren’t any Zombie runs near you, why not try organising your own?


Create the right atmosphere by writing a backstory for your Zombie apocalypse. Who was responsible for

the outbreak? A Death Cult? Rogue Scientists? Alien pathogen from a meteor strike? What about the

time period? Is it modern-day, or perhaps a steampunk setting? Adding narrative depth can really set the

mood and help your participants get into character! Holding your event after dark and renting smoke

machines can turn virtually any space into a spine-tingling house of horrors! Make sure you look into

protecting the health and safety of all the participants, by requiring suitable shoes, headlamps, high vis, or

weather dependent gear.



The trickiest part of putting on a zombie run is figuring out how to pay for it! Even if you can secure

sponsorship for marketing and supplies, and your space is donated, you'll probably need to charge at

least a nominal fee for all the extra expenses that come with running an active event, and disposing of the

litter that accumulates! Waiving the entrance fee for volunteers willing to help with setup or takedown is a

great way to keep from having to do it all yourself! Encouraging people to bring non-perishable food as

part of their entrance fee is a great way to give back to the community, as well. Here's a great

introduction to organising a zombie run.




All this horror sounding a bit….horrific? There are plenty of great opportunities out there for a great,

active charity outing, without all the gore, like St. Ann’s annual Midnight Walk, full of neon and glow sticks,

no fake blood required!


There’s also Midnight Bike rides for charity, all over the country, and all over the world! Get out there and

make a difference!

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LED Headlamps for Exercise: Running Guide for Night-Owls

Working out first thing in the morning sounds great… until you realise it means having to get up at dawn.  NOPE!   If you don’t want to be trapped in…

Working out first thing in the morning sounds great… until you realise it means having to get up at dawn.  NOPE!

Photo by Matthew Henry


If you don’t want to be trapped in the gym, there are still lots of ways to get fresh air… at a reasonable time of day!  You’ll spend less getting kitted out than you would on just a couple months of gym membership, and you’ll save money on transit as well!  Here are three fun ways to go for a run at a time that suits you.

1. The Run-Commute

The easiest place to start for most people is to jog on your way home from work.  Run-commuting has the huge advantage of saving on transport, and avoiding traffic jams.  Some people find that in rush hour, their commute turns out to be even shorter than driving or taking a bus. The best selling-point of jogging home from work, instead of jogging to work, is that you can shower in your own home.  Getting clean without having to deal with a shared locker room is maybe the most glorious thing I can think of.

Photo by bruce mars


The Guardian has a great beginner’s guide to run-commuting, but at the very least, you’ll want hi-viz, a lightweight rucksack that clips at the waist, and an LED headlamp. One great choice is the PathBrite Headlamp, which is waterproof, won’t break the bank, and has three light modes including a red light for emergency signaling!

Bonus: It’s way easier to find a workout buddy for evenings than mornings!

2. Go Off-Road!

The next step from jogging is trail running. Hit a local park, river, or nature reserve, with some good shoes, an LED headlamp, and a wearable water bottle.  For more specific recommendations for LED headlamps based on your needs, check out my previous post.

Photo by Tevin Trinh

Trail running is a big step up from street running, but it’s probably easier than you think to get started; you can read up on it at Runner’s World and Gear Patrol.  And always make sure you tell a friend where and when you’re going, before you go out and experience the wilderness!

Bonus: if you wait until after sunset, you’re less likely to need bug spray or sunscreen, and you’ll have solitude from the crowds of dog walkers and children!


3. Zombie Night Run

Photo by simonwijers

Zombie night runs are an amazing way to have fun and get fit, and there are so, so many to choose from.  You can enter as a human and try to survive, or put on full Halloween make up and chase the human competitors instead.  Here’s a sample of ways to find one near you:


1) Zombie Evacuation

2) Zombie Run: Black Ops

3) Zombie Fun Run

4) Fright Night – Ultimate Horror

5) Zombie Mud Run

6) National Trust Zombie Run


Keep in mind that many have equipment requirements, including suitable shoes and an LED headlamp.

Tip: If you want to get the adrenaline kick of a zombie run, but there aren’t any near you, you can check out a solo version here.

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Why Security Guards Should Use LED Headlamps

Security guards do an important job of maintaining safety and order. They are frequently the first defense against intruders, or first port of call if other problems arise. They need…

Security guards do an important job of maintaining safety and order. They are frequently the first defense against intruders, or first port of call if other problems arise. They need to protect themselves, and others too. That’s where an LED headlamp can come in really handy.

Handling the night shift

If you’ve ever had the joy of doing a night shift, you’ll know how just dark the night can be. Frequently, your office will be lit, but the building surrounding you will be in darkness.

Straining to see something in the near-blackness is difficult enough, and then you might find you’ve lost your hand torch. Your job is to be prepared at all times and ensure against such scenarios – so that’s why an LED headlight can be a good choice.

It’s all part of planning ahead, and having the right equipment when you need it. LED headlights for the night shift are important for a number of reasons.

Photo by stux

Benefits of an LED headlamp

You can keep your hands free for checking fences, equipment, and other parts of the building. You’ll also be able to run or apprehend someone more easily if you’re not holding a torch.

It will always point in the direction that you’re looking and the beam won’t move according to where you point your arm. Carrying a hand torch may also make your arm tired after a while, whereas an LED headlight doesn’t wear your muscles out.

You’re also unlikely to drop it, compared to a hand torch. It’s potentially lighter than carrying a hand torch, but this is something you’ll have to think about when sourcing an LED headlight.

A red LED headlight could be better than white because you will be less prone to night blindness when you use it. If your torch is too bright, this impairs your ability to see in the dark without a torch.

Remember to note

If you have to run and your headlight wobbles up and down with your gait, this will slow you down, annoy you, and be potentially dangerous. If your torch is too heavy on your head, you can get an extra strap to hold it in place.

Pay attention to the battery life of your LED headlamp, and make sure you charge it (or check the batteries) before every shift.

Check out Amazon for some potential LED headlights.


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Children’s LED Headlamps for Reading

It’s well established that kids who read more do better on many measures of academic success, and soft skills such as creativity, resilience, and empathy.  Not every kid latches on…

It’s well established that kids who read more do better on many measures of academic success, and soft skills such as creativity, resilience, and empathy.  Not every kid latches on to reading as an adventure, and trying to encourage them can feel like an uphill battle. Once you’ve investigated and crossed off possible medical reasons for a lack of enthusiasm, like dyslexia, and issues with eyesight, it can be hard to know where to go from there. While there are lots of great resources online for finding the right book, what about creating an atmosphere of adventure around reading?


Setting a mood of intrigue and excitement can change a kid’s attitude towards reading from reluctant to eager seemingly overnight.  Picking the right torch for bedtime and under-covers can be a great way to help kids see that reading is the adventure of a lifetime! Here’s a guide to help you find just the right fit, to give the gift of that delicious feeling of being swept away by a book, with a torch under the duvet!

Recommendations By Age Group

1) For toddlers.  Start them out early with a range of friendly animal faces, with light-up LED eyes that make reading come alive!  Available in Cat, Dog, Lion, Monkey, Frog, Ghost, and Ladybird, so there’s something for every little one.


TIP: Don’t feel like you have to start with picture books and move straight to prose from there.  Magazines, graphic novels, and instruction guides for skills like origami or minecraft are a great back door to engendering a love of independent reading.

2) Ages 5-7. The headband for this fun LED headlamp comes in blue/green and pink/purple, for that phase where everything absolutely MUST be in their favourite colour!  Features an extra low, 20 lumen mode for sensitive young eyes!

TIP: Here’s one from Parents.com: “Get a little goofy. Buy your older readers a headlamp so they can stay up ‘past bedtime.’ It helps remind them that reading is a treat and a privilege—and they’ll feel grown-up.”

3) Ages 8-12. Low key design, and emphasis on simplicity and functionality.  Features lower lumens for less strain on eyes and battery life, and the light is removable and has a built-in magnet, for use in a multitude of crafting and mechanical purposes.

Recommendations by Occasion

1)  Special occasion gift:  Not just a kit for reading adventures, but a kit for epic adventures in the wild, too!  Binoculars, compass, and thermos flask join the headlamp to evoke the outdoors, even as costume props inside a blanket fort!


TIP: Looking for something suited to sports and holidays for kids?  Try this guide!

2) For tents:  This beanie comes with a built-in LED, to keep you warm, and all your activities well-lit. Bonus: it’s rechargable via USB, so you don’t have to remember to lug around extra batteries in your backpack!


TIP: If you can’t get outdoors, build a tent fort indoors and display a virtual campfire on a mobile device to help get into the spirit.

3) Perfect All-rounder:  Lightweight, comfortable, and extra wallet-friendly, for the kid who loses everything (twice!).

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A Brief Introduction to Night Climbing

If you’re an experienced climber looking for your next challenge, climbing at night could be a great way to get outside of your comfort zone whilst boosting your skills and…

If you’re an experienced climber looking for your next challenge, climbing at night could be a great way to get outside of your comfort zone whilst boosting your skills and challenging you technically. Climbing or bouldering in the dark is an incredible experience, which will allow you to experience even familiar routes in a completely new way. No matter whether you’re a seasoned climber or ambitious beginner, night climbing could quickly become your new favourite hobby.


The Basics of Night Climbing

You may be wondering why anyone would choose to go climbing at night, but there are a whole host of benefits which make night climbing an increasingly popular hobby. Cooler nighttime temperatures give greater friction, which may help you to finally master that route you’ve been trying to complete. Setting out during the nighttime means that there won’t be a queue for popular routes, and you’ll get to experience the terrain in a completely different way.

When choosing a suitable spot for night climbing, it’s important to do your homework and make sure that you’ve considered every eventuality. Make sure that you go with a group for safety, and that others are aware of your destination. Consider any wildlife that will be present at night, and contingency plans should something go wrong. If you’re inexperienced in night climbing, choose familiar routes to begin with.

Photo by Skeeze

Night Climbing Destinations

If night climbing has peaked your interest, take a look at some of the best spots below, and get planning your next climb!

Eskdale, UK

Situated in the Lake District, Eskdale is a beginner-friendly climbing and bouldering area. There’s a great range of courses to tackle, so if you’re new to night climbing, choose an easier climb until you feel a little more confident. Eskdale is easily accessible by train, and you’ll be able to spot thousands of stars in the clear countryside sky.


Reykjavik, Iceland


The beauty of Reykajvik makes it perfect for night climbing. There are a number of routes suitable for climbing around Reykajvik, all of which will give you the opportunity to watch the northern lights during your climb. It’s definitely worth booking onto a climbing trip where you’ll head out with a group and instructors, as this will help to keep you safe, and give you access to the best climbing routes.


Siurana, Spain

Catalonia is one of the world’s best areas for climbing, and Siurana is no exception to this. Siurana is a collection of crags situated around a small medieval town, with a range of routes to suit every level of experience. This is a great first stop if you’ve never climbed abroad, and is challenging enough to push even the most experienced climber.


Headlamps for Night Climbing

Night LED lights are an essential part of any night climbing kit. Take a look at some of the best options here.

Pathfinder 21 LED headlamp

This Pathfinder is a great, affordable option if you’re just exploring if the sport is for you. Despite its price, it is lightweight and durable, and will give you up to 200 hours of light. With a range of lighting modes and SOS features, this is a fantastic entry-level option for any climber.

Gearari 5-in-1

This ultra bright, 6000 lumen headlamp is a perfect option for night climbing and night sports. Not only does it have a range of lighting modes, it is comfortable to wear and weather resistant, so is suitable for even the soggiest or coldest of climbs.

Princeton Tec Fuel

When night climbing, it’s advisable to have a small headlamp when heading to your trail to minimise disturbance to locals and wildlife. The Princeton Tec is perfect for this, as well as being a back-up light during your climb. Super lightweight, this light weighs in at just 78g and will give you up to 146 hours of burn time.

If night climbing has caught your imagination, why not check out other night sports, such as night scuba diving or night running.

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Wallet-Friendly Tips for Outdoor Exercise at Night

Don’t let darkness keep you inside for your workout; an LED headlamp is a great way to get outdoors.   Here’s some ideas to get you started, even the week before…

Don’t let darkness keep you inside for your workout; an LED headlamp is a great way to get outdoors.   Here’s some ideas to get you started, even the week before payday, when the coffers are running low. Ditch the boring gym and take your workout to the next level!


Adrenaline pumping fun, even when you’re skint

Exergames had a moment a few years ago, and they’re poised to come back in a big way this year.  Free apps like Zombies Run are an excellent way to add adrenaline to your workout routine. Earn badges, level up, and run like your life depends on it!
Zombies Run is Free on Google Play and the Apple Appstore.


Playground-inspired sports with a crowd

There are lots of new social sports out there for people who want fun, exciting, high-intensity sports.  Rabble is a network of trainer-led social exercise groups all over the UK, and each session is only a fiver!  Sessions run after work and on weekends, and the games are constantly new and different, so you’ll never get bored.

“A Rabble game is an hour of fun social team games. Each game disguises high-intensity intervals within the rules. We play a variety of games so that we cover different fitness & skills including speed, endurance, co-ordination, agility, reaction times, strength and more. We always explain the rules before we begin each game. There’s no right or wrong in our games. If you’re running around and having a great time, then you’re doing it right! After the session, we’ll cool down with some stretches and often head to the pub for a drink.”

If there isn’t one in your local area, start your own night-running group with this handy guide!  


Hands-Free Fun on the Go!

Crossfit style workouts often require free hands for kettle bells, throwing medicine balls, and jumping rope.  All that equipment can get expensive! It’s easy to make DIY Crossfit equipment with online guides like this.  #7 is a real lifesaver – simply fill empty milk jugs with sand and simply screw the cap back on, and you have your very own weights in minutes for pennies.  Using an LED headlamp will allow you not only to see in the dark, but to upgrade the challenge of a crossfit or trail running excursion in your garden, or on a local trail or park.


PS: Evening exercise will help you sleep – as long as the light is right!

The florescent lights of most gyms have a blue tint to them, which is exactly what you don’t want shining in your eyes when it gets towards evening.  The”night mode” on your phone is often actually a blue light filter, so instead get outdoors in the natural light (or dark!). LED headlamps shine away from you, instead of into your eyes, so it’s much better for your circadian rhythms, which will help you fall asleep much sooner than if you exercise indoors!

Shoot for a “colour temperature” between 5000-7500K if you plan to work out in the morning, and 2800-4500K for night sports. Higher numbers are “cooler” and will help you feel more alert for early morning adventures, while lower numbers are “warmer” and will disrupt your sleep less if you’re being active before bed.

Pick a headlamp with more than one “temperature” setting for ultimate flexibility, like the waterproof, dual-temp SUNREI Youdo 2S LED Headlamp.



Main Features:

– Super Bright LED, max output up to 120 lumen, powered by 3 x AAA battery

– 7 working modes: spotlight ( high / middle / low / SOS ); floodlight ( high / low / strobe )

– 60 degree rotatable, waterproof and heatproof. Up to 180 hours working time ( low mode ) under full charge

– Color Temperature: 4500K, 6400K


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A Brief Introduction to Night Scuba Diving

If you’re already a fan of scuba diving, why not take things up a notch by trying night diving instead? The night time brings with it a whole new world…

If you’re already a fan of scuba diving, why not take things up a notch by trying night diving instead? The night time brings with it a whole new world of underwater landscapes and creatures to discover, and is suitable even for novice divers. If you’re interested in night scuba diving, carry on reading to find out more about this incredible hobby.

The basics of night scuba diving

Night scuba diving is exactly what the name would suggest – scuba diving during the evening, dusk and nighttime. The darkness gives even familiar diving sites a new atmosphere, as well as the opportunity to discover nocturnal creatures and catch a glimpse of predators hunting.

Plenty of diving sites are suitable for night diving, but it’s important to make sure that the area is safe and that you have relevant safety measures in place should anything go wrong. Many diving schools now offer night diver qualifications, or guided dives for those a little less experienced in the water.

Night diving destinations

If night scuba diving has caught your eye, take a look at some of the best spots below, and get planning your next trip!


This Caribbean island is known for its colourful night dives. With a little magic, courtesy of UV lights and mask filters, you can watch the coral reef come to life with bright pinks, purples and greens as the marine life reflect UV light. Bonaire is at the forefront of UV dives, so it is a destination not to be missed.


The coast of Kona, Hawaii is home to a secret underwater performance that is essential for any night diver. Each night, lights are shone into the water, which attracts plankton. Huge mantas then follow to make their nightly feed, and you can watch these awe-inspiring creatures from the sandy sea floor.


Nudi Falls in Indonesia is known as the ‘muck diving capital of the world’.The coral field at Nudi Falls comes alive after dark as creatures such as nudibranch, cuttlefish and squid come out to look for food. It’s recommended that you visit between March and October to make sure you get to see all of the wonderful underwater nightlife.

Scuba diving lights

If you’re going to be night diving, it goes without saying that a key piece of kit you’ll need is a scuba diving light. Take a look at a few options below.

The Romer XM-L T6 is a scuba diving light is a great affordable option for those looking for a bright and reliable headlamp. With an IP68 rating, you can rest assured that your light is waterproof, and its super bright 900 lumens will give you a great visibility range under the water.

The Evolva D02 is designed to fit onto a head-mounted GoPro or camera, but can easily be mounted onto a head strap too. The wide beam angle will provide you with a good range of visibility and help you spot wildlife in even the murkiest of waters. This light also has a number of SOS and lighting modes to help keep you safe.

The Archon W1A is a small, compact light clips easily onto your diving mask and is an ideal solution for backup lighting. Weighing in at just 12g under the water, you won’t even notice you’ve got this light with you, but it can easily be put into use when you need a little extra visibility or if your main light fails.


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Petzl Myo XP LED Headlamp

The Petzl Myo XP LED headlamp is a fantastic all-around headlamp. Of the lamps I have now it’s the most like my first one but it’s better in a few…

The Petzl Myo XP LED headlamp is a fantastic all-around headlamp. Of the lamps I have now it’s the most like my first one but it’s better in a few key areas. It has three lighting levels that you toggle through with the main button and a 20 second boost setting that gives you extra bright light when you need it. I use this one all the time when I go camping and my cousin, who’s the crazy rock climber/spelunker, uses the same one when he goes climbing in the Tetons. I actually bought the Myo after going to a very tame cave with him near Bear Lake, Idaho. He had his cool Petzl headlamp and I had my weenie one and I saw how much better his was. I bought it the next week I think. Hopefully he’ll let me tag along on one of his trips next time I go up to Utah so I can try out the light in severe conditions.

The Petzl Myo also has a battery indicator which is really cool. I can’t tell you how many times I would go to use my old headlamp and have it either run out of batteries completely or just fade significantly on a bike ride or while camping. According to Petzl the Myo is supposed to run for 180 hours on the lowest setting. I really can’t corroborate that because I’m always switching it around to the different modes. The batteries do seem to last a long time though.

This headlamp is also very light. It’s just over 6 ounces. When I first tried it on I remember thinking how light and well balanced it was. Because the batteries are located in the back they balance the weight of the lamp in front. It also has a plastic flip up beam diffuser that spreads out and softens the light. If you’re doing something up close or detailed work this can be nice.

Also, when you first look at the buttons they seem kind of small and odd shaped. There is actually a reason for this. If you rotate the light to the top position the buttons are blocked by the light housing. It’s kind of like a safety lock to make sure it doesn’t turn on in your pocket or bag.

The only thing I don’t dig about the thing is the battery compartment. It seems kind of flimsy. It’s made of a flexible plastic and folds over in a way to make the unit weatherproof and light weight. But it doesn’t appear to be very strong. I haven’t had any problems with it yet but I can imagine the thing tearing pretty easily.

If you’re interested in this product you can check it out here and buy it for only £65.

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Getting Together for Group Night Runs

Trouble getting motivated? For some people, getting enough exercise is easy – they genuinely enjoy going to the gym, or going for a run – but for some of us,…

Trouble getting motivated?

For some people, getting enough exercise is easy – they genuinely enjoy going to the gym, or going for a run – but for some of us, it’s not always easy to find the fun in getting fit. The daily run can start to feel like an extension of the daily grind, instead of a relief from it, and trips to the gym can seem like a daunting prospect.


Do something different with a night-run get-together!

One way of getting some fun and variety back into your routine is to organise a night run with a group of friends. Everything is more fun with company, especially exercise, and there’s something unique about a night run that can make it feel less like a chore and more like a party. As Kate Carter writes in The Guardian: “Running in the dark is nothing to be scared of – it’s a joy, to be embraced and loved and planned around. Safety is of course important – but so is the endorphin rush from blasting at top speed (in your head if not reality) through the night.”

There are even massive events, like Nike’s women-only We Own The Night race, the Electric Run, which is a cross between a marathon and an all-night dance party, or the (slightly more sedate!) Night Runs organized by the National Trust and Cotswold Outdoors. But even if all of those sound unappealing, or they’re impossible for you to attend, you can ‘own the night’ yourself with just you, a group of friends and the right safety gear. Look up night runs in your town on websites like Eventbrite or Facebook, or organise them yourself, either via social media or just by asking some interested friends – and start running!

White light head lamp

Get the gear

In order to have a fun and safe night run, you’ll need some safety gear. A high-visibility vest is a must, whether you’re running in rural or urban areas, and some people also like to wear other high-vis gear, but the best way to light up the night is an LED headlamp. Check out this great list of the best LED headtorches for night runners! With prices starting at £5.99 on Amazon, even buying a bundle for your friends (maybe to convince them to give it a try!) won’t break the bank.

But if you’re really bitten by the night running bug, there are some amazing premium headlamps available! Check out the Petzl Nao+, which features reactive lighting that can automatically adjusts its intensity depending on the light around you, and is programmable via its own app. Even the darkest country road will light up with the power of 750 lumens (1 lumen is, by the way, about equivalent to the light of a birthday candle – imagine the size of that cake).

Whichever headlamp you end up choosing, though, from cheap and cheerful to premium, it’ll be sure to help keep your night run fun and safe.

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Top Five Children’s adventure holiday headlamps

Keep the kids outside Taking children outdoors can be fun and exciting. Children are always curious and have this desire to find out what Mother Nature has in store for…

Keep the kids outside

Taking children outdoors can be fun and exciting. Children are always curious and have this desire to find out what Mother Nature has in store for them. One essential item that a child needs for camping, hiking or caving is a headlamp. This item worn on the head illuminates while at the same time safely attaches to your children’s head. The headlamps are not only used for children adventure holidays but can be used at home for reading when there is no electricity.

Top five headlamps for children



This is an ideal children headlamp for camping, running and adventurous climbing. The headlamp can be worn on the child’s head to prevent from falling. It produces a powerful white LED light that enables one see long distances. It requires two AAA batteries to operate and can run for 80 hours burn time. It comes in an attractive black, red, green or white colours and has comfortable straps.


This headlamp comes in an attractive yellow colour that is readily identifiable at night. It has a lithium, polymer rechargeable battery and provides 180-lumens of light. The strap can be adjusted to fit the child’s head perfectly. It also comes with a USB cable that you can use to charge it deep in the woods. This is the perfect headlamp for camping trips.


Regarding functionality and features, the ultra-bright headlamp leads the pack. With two easy to access buttons, you can control the five light settings. In case the kids get lost it has a flashing/SOS mode.  This is the ideal headlamp for any children adventure during holidays; you can use it for trail running, camping and hiking. The head strap is very comfortable and can fit both adults and kids. The head light can scan surfaces at 45-degree angles.


If you plan on some adventurous activities like hiking, jogging, fishing, cycling or camping, then the lumen headlamp may be suitable for your needs. The headlamp is waterproof meaning you can go fishing with it without the batteries getting spoilt. It comes with four light modes, and you can choose from high to low resolution. The straps are stretchable which makes them ideal for children.





This headlamp from energizer comes with HD vision optics and can be used in any of its three modes. It operates on three Energizer Max AAA batteries and has a beam that reaches 50 meters. You can quickly switch between its four light modes; flood, spot, low and high. The headband is stretchable and is suitable for both adults and children. It can be used for hiking, cycling, and camping.


There are many children’s headlamps on the market and selecting one can be a challenge. When choosing one for kids always ensure that the head wrap is comfortable and adjustable. Kids tend to lose things fast, hence a headlamp. The beam should be powerful enough to see at night and without falling off the head. From the above the best headlamp for kids is Ultra Bright CREE LED headlamp. It has many features including the SOS flash when kids get lost. The strap is comfortable and adjustable for kids.


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